Biología "Nite Light b/w Too Bad" 7 Inch Vinyl

Biología "Nite Light b/w Too Bad" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $7.99

With the release of their eighth 7” single, Cherries Records takes you far into the Arizona deserts with the deep, sultry sounds of live disco/funk band, Biología.   

With their premier Cherries release, Biología brings two four-on-the-floor jams, created from the minds of this brother & sister musical team.  The A-side ‘Nite Lite’, is a bassline driven night groove, with the gospel style harmonies of Mama Kat sung over the magical guitar licks of Jomeo‘Too Bad”, the uptempo B-side, has you struttin’ away from that no-good lover, with swelling synth lines and pianos, double-time hand claps, and slick, funky guitar.  Recorded direct to tape in two short sessions, a glimpse into the raw and powerful Biología live show is now captured on vinyl.

With influences in jazz fusion, deep disco, progressive rock and funk, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joe Nunez formed Biología as a musical escape from the pressures of his daily work as a scientist.  As he wrote the music, his sister Kat began to sing along, and eventually they transformed into a full 5 piece live band with Corey Gomez, Justin Khan and Isaac Parker.  Nunez’s ambition to create a “fun, gnarly funk band” continues in his new home of San Francisco, where he is creating and writing the future-classics of the “Jomeo” sound.


Track Listing:

Side A

Nite Lite

Side B

Too Bad



Type: Music

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