Blackhouse (Georgia Anne Muldrow & DJ Rome) "The Blackhouse" [Instrumental]

Blackhouse (Georgia Anne Muldrow & DJ Rome) "The Blackhouse" [Instrumental]

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Georgia on the beats. DJ Romes on the cuts. 


Mello Music Group is proud to present Georgia Anne Muldrow & DJ Romes' newest musical incarnation, The Blackhouse. Blackhouse's eponymous LP is a powerful manifestation of soulful dance music. As the title implies, the project draws much from the house realm filtered through a hip-hop lens. This is music to move you both figuratively and literally. Playing like a party from beginning to end, Georgia's immaculate combination of playing and programming is accentuated by Romes' pristine cuts. 


This is not chamber music and it doesn't exist in a vacuum either. Anyone familiar with Georgia Anne Muldrow is aware of her Afro-centricity and free-thought ideals that permeate her work. Blackhouse does not lose these key aspects, it reconfigures them to buttress the pulsating beats, creating a dance record with an IQ. Tracks like "BLACKHOUSE" and "SOMALI" make use of concise vocals to deliver poignant messages while keeping bodies moving in the tradition of Theo Parrish or Moody Man.  Clearly influenced by Afrika Bambataa and The Soulsonic Force, Kraftwerk, DJ Omega, Knights of the Turntable, Frankie Knuckles, and Kurtis Blow " the album takes us back to a time where hip-hop, house and funk were inextricably and immediately connected, Georgia Anne Muldrow and DJ Romes' Blackhouse is an unconventional and inventive musical experience.


The Blackhouse (STREAM) by Blackhouse (Georgia Muldrow w/ DJ Romes)



01  fOnkie Journey

02  Blackhouse

03  Modulating (Tutankhamun)

04  Soundoff

05  Somali

06  Overweight

07  Wild Style Skit

08  84 Rap Hit

09  G.R.O.O.V.E. ME

10  Zappin™ Skit

11  Chimurenga Vibration

12  Lectrivunkin

13  Shana™s Beat




Artwork by Georgia Anne Muldrow

Type: Music

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