Black Ice "S/T" CD

Black Ice "S/T" CD

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During the 1970s, veteran disco and R&B deejay and producer Hadley D. Murrell put together a roster of talented songwriters and performers under his HDM Records imprint out of Los Angeles. One of the label's most prominent artists was the disco/funk outfit, Black Ice, featuring a five-man roster with a range of vocal talents. Produced mostly by Murrell himself, Black Ice released their debut album, Black Ice in 1977, with the lead single "Shakedown (Parts 1 & 2) achieving moderate success on the R&B charts. With songs like "I Feel The Weight (Over Losing You)" and "I Want You Back," the members of Black Ice display a harmonious disco and R&B aesthetic that marked an era in black music and American music at large. While the group would never reach large-scale commercial success, Black Ice is most certainly an exemplary moment in late 1970s soul production that fans will enjoy for decades to come.

Track Listing:

  1. Shakedown
  2. Blind Over You
  3. Girl, That's What I Call Love
  4. I Feel The Weight (Over Losing You)
  5. The Wine Is Bitter (But The Grapes Are Sweet)
  6. Touch
  7. Making Love In The Rain
  8. I Want You Back
  9. You Got Me Going In Circles

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