Blockhead "The Art Of The Sample" Vinyl LP

Blockhead "The Art Of The Sample" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $18.99

The Art of the Sample is a unique project for New York hip-hop producer
Blockhead. He was given access to sample De Wolfe’s music library and
create his own library record. In his own words “These are not typical
Blockhead songs. They’re more stripped down and focused for the
purpose of being used in TV and film.”

“For those who are unfamiliar with De Wolfe, they are a music library that
has been doing music for film, radio and television for nearly 100 years.
They make original music that gets plugged into all sorts of things and
has been heard around the world. If you’re a producer, you have very
likely sampled them and not even realized it. I was fortunate enough for
them to allow me to make an album entirely out of their back catalogue.”

Track List:

1) Silky Serene
2) Jellyfish
3) Seven Tease
4) Invisible Man
5) Coastline Crusiing
6) Black Silhouette
7) Eyes Open
8) Posse
9) Frank’s Brother
10) Skip
11) Take a Drag
12) Blessing in Disguise
13) And The Winner Is
14) Gleam 

Type: Music

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