Bo Diddley "The Black Gladiator" CD

Bo Diddley "The Black Gladiator" CD

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As a key player in bridging the gap between blues and rock and roll, Bo Diddley released his debut single in 1955 on Chess Records' Checker subsidiary, the self-mythologizing "Bo Diddley" (b/w "I'm A Man"). The tune was an instant smash on the R&B charts and eventually covered by no less than Buddy Holly, Bob Seger, and The Grateful Dead. Countless hits followed, but by the mid-60s, a new breed of rock and roll rebels from the UK and US had taken over the charts, artists ironically raised on the blues/R&B/rock and roll sounds of Diddley and his pioneering peers of the 1950s.



1. Elephant Man

2. You,Bo Diddley

3. Black Soul

4. Power House

5. If The Bible's Right

6. I've Got A Feeling

7. Shut Up,Woman

8. Hot Buttered Blues

9. Funky Fly

10. I Don't Like You

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