Bombay Disco 2 (Compilation)

Bombay Disco 2 (Compilation)

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This second celebration of the sounds of Bombay Disco digs deeper into the recordwallah shops in the bazaars of India. As fans of our first collection will recall, disco arrived in India in 1979, shortly after its mainstream popularity had peaked in the West. Disco songs remained in vogue throughout the subcontinent for a dozen years, in many ways because of the "cabaret scene" or "item number," a mainstay in South Asian cinema that dates back to the 1920s. Back then, these scenes depicted traditional courtesans or nautch (dancing) girls, but by the early 1960s dance sequences became much more surreal, with visuals inspired by Busby Berkley and music infused with jazz, Latin, and rock 'n roll. This tradition continued with an East-meets-West fusion of funk, disco and electro, to the hip-hop and EDM influences popular in South Asian films today.

Disco songs continued to flourish after its early '80s ubiquity, often in the more tawdry films such as the horror movies that were immensely popular as the decade wore on. As the '90s continued, the cabaret sequences began to bear a closer resemblance to MTV videos. The music in these scenes changed to a similar style, while the perennial love songs continued to entrance listeners.

The majority of these songs were discovered on thousands of dusty, mold-encrusted records found in the back alley shops in India's teeming cities. For your entertainment purposes, they've been cleaned off and polished up, so enjoy a cocktail and get on the dance floor! 

Track List: 

1) Saat Samundar Paar - Sadhana Sargam (Viju Shah/Anand Bakshi, from Vishwatma, 1992)

2) Pass Aao Na - Asha Bhosle (Bappi Lahiri/Gauhar Kanpuri, from Sumbandh 1982)

3) Aaya Sanam Aaya Deewana Tera - Kishore Kumar & Chorus (RD Burman/Majrooh, from Bade Dil Wala, 1982)

4) Taqdeer Ka Badshah - Bappi Lahiri & Chorus (Bappi Lahiri/Anjaan, from Tumhaare Bina, 1982)

5) Sweety Seventeen - Behroze Chatterjee & Chorus (Raamlaxman/Govind Moonis, from Tumhaare Bina, 1982)

6) Disco Music {aka Are Dil Se Dil Mile} - RD Burman & Chorus (RD Burman, from Bulundi, 1982) 

7) Hotel Mein Bottle - Sharda (Shankar Jaikishan/M.G., from Pepi Petka Sawal Hai, 1984) 

8) Dance Music - Hridaynath Mangeshkar (Hridaynath Mangeshkar, from Dhanwan, 1980)

9) Tum Meri Nazar Se Dekho - Sharon Prabhakar, Parvati Khan & Ursula (Bappi Lahiri/Amit Khanna, from Shart, 1985)

10) Jab Cheye - Asha Bhosle (Rajesh Roshan/Amit Khanna, from Lootmaar, 1980) 

11) Main Jaadugar - Kumar Sanu, Jolly Mukherjee & Chorus (Kalyanji Anandji/Prakesh Mehra & Anjaan, from Jaadugar, 1989)

12) Dance Music - Bappi Lahiri (Bappi Lahiri, from Main Tere Liye, 1986)



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