Boogie Down Productions "Edutainment" CD

Boogie Down Productions "Edutainment" CD

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Edutainment is the fourth album from Boogie Down Productions. It is an album whose lyrics are based around afrocentricity and socio-political knowledge. It has 6 skits/interludes known as 'exhibits' that all talk about or relate to Black people. Many skits feature Kwame Ture (ne Stokely Carmichael) a leader of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement.

Track Listing:

  1. Exhibit A
  2. Blackman In Effect
  3. Ya Know The Rules
  4. Exhibit B
  5. Beef
  6. House Nigga's
  7. Exhibit C
  8. Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)
  9. 100 Guns
  10. Ya Strugglin' (Featuring Kwame Toure)
  11. Breath Control II
  12. Exhibit D
  13. Edutainment
  14. The Homeless
  15. Exhibit E
  16. The Kenny Parker Show
  17. Original Lyrics (Featuring Special "K")
  18. The Racist
  19. 7 Dee Jays
  20. 30 Cops or More
  21. Exhibit F

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