Boogie Down Productions "Sex and Violence" CD

Boogie Down Productions "Sex and Violence" CD

CD - $11.99

Their sixth record in six years, BDP's Sex and Violence is a rugged, back to basics album, full of fiery flows and neck-breaking boom-baps. KRS comes hard on the mic, tearing it up nonstop. Check out "Ruff Ruff," (with Freddie Foxxx,) "Duck Down," and "13 and Good."



1. The Original Way

2. Duck Down

3. Drug Dealer

4. Like a Throttle

5. Build and Destroy

6. Ruff Ruff

7. 13 and Good

8. Poisonous Products

9. Questions and Answers

10. Say Gal

11. We in There

12. Sex and Violence

13. How Not to Get Jerked

14. Who Are the Pimps?

15. The Real Holy Place


Type: Music

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