Bosq Of Whiskey Barons "Bosq Y Orquestra De Madera"

Bosq Of Whiskey Barons "Bosq Y Orquestra De Madera"

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As the name of the album suggests and it's literal translation to Bosq and the Wooden OrchestraΝ Bosq aka Ben Woods has played as many parts as possible himself (piano, organ, rhodes, percussion, drum sequencing, synth & bass work, etc) and brought in a wide range of experienced session musicians where needed, including guest vocalists on most every track and in essence creating a makeshift orchestraΝ to suit his musical needs. Benin born & Nigerian raised singer, producer & guitarist Kaleta appears on three tracks that can also be found on the singles, while Mendee Ichikawa (Free Moral Agents) lends her vocal talents to two gritty soul numbers. Brazilian chanteuse Tita Lima appears on the Tropicalia- infused Paciencia De JoΝ, while Soundsci MC U-George, gets down and does a little bit of toastinΝ on the rugged Dub and Reggae tinged Wuk UpΝ. Jesus Pagan on Pura CandelaΝ which seems like a long lost Salsa single from Fania round out the musical cast. Ben finishes up his musical tour de force with a couple of classic instrumental House tracks with some modern flavor.

1. Paciencia De Jo feat. Tita Lima
2. Never Feel Cold feat. Mendee Ichi
3. Get Involved
4. More Heavy feat. Kaleta
5. Wuk Up feat. U-George
6. Dem Know feat. Kaleta
7. Pura Candela feat. Jesus Pagan
8. Movin' On
9. Up & Down (NYC 91 Mix) feat. Kale
10. Getting There
11. Tear It Out feat. Mendee Ichikawa

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