Boyd Rivers "You Can't Make Me Doubt" Vinyl LP

Boyd Rivers "You Can't Make Me Doubt" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $15.99

First full length album by one of the greatest Gospel musicians of all time! Boyd Rivers was an amazing but unfortunately, little known Gospel artist. Comparisons could be made to Charlie Jackson, but in the end not too many people sound anything like Boyd Rivers. Side one features Boyd playing stunning electric guitar & belting out 6 incredibly heavy songs. Side two finds Boyd playing acoustic guitar - a bit mellower but still impassioned. All the material on this album has never been released, with the exception of "Fire In my Bones" - the title track of the Case Quarter 3 CD gospel compilation. (it's also on our "Last Time Around" compilation) It's somewhat unbelievable that Boyd has not been heard more out in the world - but so it goes. We are very proud to release this important document of a real visionary original. Includes liner notes by Amos Harvey. Old school "tip on" cover.


Track Listing:

1. Get Away Jordan

2. That Fireshed in my Bones

3. I Want to Be at the Meeting

4. I Done Died One Time

5. You Got to Take Sick and Die

6. When I Cross Over

7. Won't It Be Grand

8. When the World Seems Cold

9. Wrapped Up Tied Up Tangled Up

10. I Know You Can

11. You Can't Make Me Doubt

12. Church House Rock

Type: Music

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