Breakwater "Breakwater" CD

Breakwater "Breakwater" CD

CD - $13.99

Due to the overwhelming response from the CD reissue of Breakwater's sophomore album "Splashdown," the creative team at Get On Down brings you the groundbreaking 1978 self-titled debut album from the Philly jazz-fusion group, presented in beautifully remastered digital audio for the optimal listening experience. Featuring a warm, smooth aesthetic and flawless production, Breakwater's cohesive sound shines through on tracks like "Work It Out" and "Feel Your Way." Striking the perfect balance between jazz and soul, Breakwater's classic debut, now packaged in a five-inch paste-on mini-LP jacket, is a must-have addition to any music aficionado's collection.

Track Listing:

  1. Work It Out
  2. You Know I Love You
  3. Unnecessary Business
  4. No Limit
  5. That's Not What We Came Here For
  6. Feel Your Way
  7. Do It Till the Fluid Gets Hot
  8. Free Yourself

Type: Music

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