Cannibal Ox "The Cold Vein" 4X Vinyl LP (Deluxe Edition)

Cannibal Ox "The Cold Vein" 4X Vinyl LP (Deluxe Edition)

  • Long Out-Of-Print Classic Album From Cannibal Ox Pressed on White Colored Vinyl & Includes Bonus Instrumentals! 

When Vast Aire, Vordul Mega, and producer El-P created Cannibal Ox’s seminal debut The Cold Vein, few could have foreseen the musical dexterity that would have been embodied on this now classic release. Upon its release, Pitchfork exclaimed, “The Cold Vein is going to be on everybody’s year end list of the best underground hip-hop.” Not only was this prediction correct, but The Cold Vein would go on to be cemented as a classic album, earning spots on numerous top album lists of that year and even top album lists of the decade. With undeniable production and word play that Stylus Magazine declares shows “the potential for hip-hop lyrics to work on many levels as the finest English poetry,” it’s no wonder that fans, new and old cannot get enough of The Cold Vein. After years of being out-of-print and pent-up demand, the group is giving the fans what they want by reissuing their magnum opus. For the first time ever, the album will be digitally remastered so listeners can experience the witty metaphors of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega over the instrumentation of El-P like never before. The album will also be released as a white 4XLP set including a bonus instrumental version of the album.

Track List:

1. Iron Galaxy
2. Ox Out The Cage
3. Atom
4. B-Boy Alpha
5. Raspberry Fields
6. Straight Off The D.I.C.
7. Vein
8. The F-Word
9. Stress Rap
10. Battle for Asgard
11. Real Earth
12. Ridiculoid
13. Painkillers
14. Pigeon
15. Scream Pheonix
16. Iron Galaxy (Instrumental)
17. Ox Out The Cage (Instrumental)
18. Atom (Instrumental)
19. B-Boy Alpha (Instrumental)
20. Raspberry Fields (Instrumental)
21. Straight Off The D.I.C. (Instrumental)
22. Vein 
23. The F-Word (Instrumental)
24. Stress Rap (Instrumental)
25. Battle for Asgard (Instrumental)
26. Real Earth (Instrumental)
27. Ridiculoid (Instrumental)
28. Painkillers (Instrumental)
29. Pigeon (Instrumental)
30. Scream Pheonix (Instrumental)

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