Captain Planet "Mystery Trip Vol. 2" Cassette

Captain Planet "Mystery Trip Vol. 2" Cassette

Cassette - $9.99

“This project is all about going back to my roots: pulling out obscure
vinyl from my global collection, then lovingly chopping, remixing and
editing them into new tracks with a contemporary edge and classic
Captain Planet touch. All 9 edits have been blended, along with other
audio samples and field recordings, into a 45 minute mix, which will be
printed to cassette tapes like my earliest mixes from the late 90’s. Similar
to Mystery Trip Vol.I, which was listed in Sasha Frere-Jones “Best Music
Of 2012”, Vol.II leads you on a psychedelic journey to destinations around
the world, where you are hopefully drawn out of your sonic comfort zone
via a soundtrack that bridges styles of music from Asia and Africa to
South America, The Caribbean and beyond.”

1) Mixtape Side A

2) Mixtape Side B

Type: Music

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