Cashinova "Big Dragon" CD

Cashinova "Big Dragon" CD

CD - $10.00

Cashinova's first full length album with Stophouse Music Group, 'Big Dragon', is available now! 

Track Listing:

1) Finished (Produced by Jordy Bangs)

2) Dear Haters (Produced by Millz Douglas)

3) Caught the Wave (Produced by Xeno Carr)

4) Skyscrapers feat. PROF (Produced by Millz Douglas)

5) Pull Up (Produced by Cashinova)

6) Ain't The Same (Produced by Topper Atwood)

7) My Mind feat Slug (Produced by soSpecial)

8) This Way (Produced by Topper Atwood)

9) How Does It Feel? (Produced by Rich Lee)

10) Where's The Fun? (Produced by Rich Lee)

11) Ever Since (Produced by Cookiez)

12) ICYMI (Produced by Cashinova)

Type: CD

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