Chief Kamachi "The Clock of Destiny" CD

Chief Kamachi "The Clock of Destiny" CD

CD - $15.99

Kamachi is currently one of the greatest MCs that not enough people know about. Hes been dropping beautiful crafted verses on wax/and CD since the late 90s (with Jedi Mind Tricks, Army Of The Pharaohs, Maylay Sparks, DJ Revolution, etc), but has been mastering the skills significantly longer. Hes one part street poet, one part Egyptian mystic, and one part original B-Boy. Clock Of Destiny reveals Kamachis growth as an artist and improved song-writing skills.

Track Listing;

  1. 2nd Lecture
  2. Clock Keeps Tickin
  3. Kamalah
  4. Steel Umbrella
  5. Clock of Destiny
  6. Little African Girl
  7. Prince Hall
  8. Crooked Angels
  9. Let the Organs Play
  10. Prisoners
  11. 11:59
  12. True and Living

Type: Music

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