Chinese Man "Groove Sessions Vol 2"

Chinese Man "Groove Sessions Vol 2"

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One-quarter Cantonese, two-thirds Manchou, theξChinese man appears to be from the Wu Tang Mountain, not far from Marseilles, France. In 2004, the Chinese man (as we affectionately call him) decided to send his disciples around the world to spread the Zen spirit with old music samples and supersonic bass!

Thus, Sly, Z’© Mateo and High Ku left their master, ready to face the mission they had been entrusted with.

The Groove Sessions Vol.2 offers up another assortment of mostly instrumental, hip-hop-rooted tracks that are rich with details, incorporating samples from Indian, Latin, and African music.

A couple tracks involve MCs, showcasing how this trio of producers is just as capable at leaving enough space for original vocals.

Track List:

1. Intro

2. Calling Bombay

3. Elysean Fields

4. Post Trauma Featuring Cyph4

5. Jumpin' In Havana

6. 7th Street

7. Ordinary Man Featuring White Jive

8. Ayoyo

9. Batteries Not Included Featuring Lush One, Plex

10. He Said

11. Our Time Featuring Franco (13)

12. Femi Kuti - Day By Day (Chinese Man Remix)

13. Ayoyo Na Macumbinha (Dj Sandrinho Remix)

14. Outro

Type: Music

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