Chinese Man "The Groove Sessions Vol 1"

Chinese Man "The Groove Sessions Vol 1"

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One-quarter Cantonese, two-thirds Manchou, the Chinese man appears to be from the Wu Tang Mountain, not far from Marseilles, France. In 2004, the Chinese man (as we affectionately call him) decided to send his disciples around the world to spread the Zen spirit with old music samples and supersonic bass!

Thus, Sly, Zé Mateo and High Ku left their master, ready to face the mission they had been entrusted with.

In 2005, the three companions committed their first phonographic havoc. "THE PANDI GROOVE EP", a mix of influences back from their parents: Reggae, Brazilian Baile Funk and Old School Hip Hop...

The Groove Sessions Vol.1 is the first Chinese Man's release and is a compilation of 3 EP's released between 2004 and 2007: The Pandi Groove EP, The Indi Groove EP, and The Bunni Groove EP.

Track List:

(2005 - The Pandi Groove EP)

1. Pandi Groove

2. Searching For The Space Monkey

3. Eight Y Cinco

(2006 - The Bunni Groove EP)
4. Bunni Groove
5. Washington Square
6. I've Got That Tune
7. You Suck Me
(2007 - The Indi Groove EP)
8. Indi Groove
9. Skank In The Air
10. Artichaut
11. More
(Bonus Track)
12. Chinese Man

Type: Music

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