Chino XL 10.5 X 8 Album Sticker

Chino XL 10.5 X 8 Album Sticker

Sticker - $4.99


Kevin Beacham says: "Back in '95 I was the Chicago street promoter for American Records*, Rick Rubin's label, and one of the biggest campaigns I was a part of for the label was the Chino XL debut album. In general, back then when I would get hit off with stickers and posters I would also try to put a handful aside for the archives and in some cases I ended up with a decent amount of extras, so here we are...".

*Fun Fact: At American Records my boss was Dan Charnas the author of the fantastic book about Hip Hop's Business history, The Big Payback. If you haven't read it, do it:

Type: Accessories

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