Cho Young-Wuk "Oldboy" Vinyl LP
Cho Young-Wuk "Oldboy" Vinyl LP
Cho Young-Wuk "Oldboy" Vinyl LP

Cho Young-Wuk "Oldboy" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $18.99
  • 180 Gram Red Colored Vinyl That Includes a Digital Download Card!

The soundtrack to Park Chan-Wook's cult classic, "Oldboy", is finally getting a proper vinyl release. This long awaited release is presented by writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn ("Drive", "Only God Forgives"). It is the first release in a series of classic soundtrack releases presented by Nicolas Winding Refn himself. Acclaimed illustrator Laurent Durieux (famous with the fans of Mondo) designed the whole packaging for the soundtrack to "Oldboy". 

Side A:

1) Look Who's Talking

2) Somewhere In The Night

3) The Count of Monte Cristo

4) Jailhouse Rock

5) In A Lonely Place

6) It's Alive

7) The Searchers

8) Cries And Whispers

Side B:

1) For Whom The Bell Tolls

2) Breathless

3) The Old Boy

4) Kiss Me Deadly

5) Farewell My Lovely

6) The Big Sleep

7) The Last Waltz


Type: Music

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