Chubb Rock "I Gotta Get Mine Yo" CD

Chubb Rock "I Gotta Get Mine Yo" CD

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After achieving commercial success thanks to the three hit singles from his 1991 opus, THE ONE, the oversized Brooklyn MC known as Chubb Rock released his fourth LP, I GOTTA GET MINE YO!, just a year later. Taking production credits alongside the Trackmasters, Chubb once again blends his signature brainy wordplay with an eclectic true-school production sound that flirts with R&B, funk, and soul. A collection of playful tracks that has the baritone mic ripper speaking on institutionalized racism ("The Hatred"), taking an unconventional approach to the back-to-Africa concept ("Black Trek IV: The Voyage Home"), and getting sensitive for the ladies ("I Don't Wanna be Lonely"), I GOTTA GET MINE YO! is exemplary of rap's early-1990s true-school era.


  1. Some-O-Next Shit
  2. I'm the Man
  3. Pop 'Nuff Shit
  4. Don't Drink the Milk
  5. The Hatred
  6. Lost in the Storm
  7. Which Way Is Up
  8. Black Trek IV the Voyage Home
  9. Yabadabadoo
  10. So Much Things to Say
  11. The Funky
  12. Three Men at Chung King
  13. I Need Some Blow
  14. I'm Too Much
  15. My Brother
  16. I Don't Want to Be Lonely
  17. I Gotta Get Mine Yo
  18. A Message to the B.A.N.
  19. Enter the Dragon
  20. The Arrival
  21. See You in October

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