Cold Crush Brothers "Troopers" CD

Cold Crush Brothers "Troopers" CD

CD - $13.99

This is hip hop at its best, carrying all before it. Mess with it, don't miss it. -1988 B-Boy Records

Track Listing;

  1. My Record Is Hot
  2. When No One Cares
  3. Big Beat
  4. She's A Dog
  5. Red Alert Promo - (previously unreleased)
  6. Feel the Horns
  7. She's No Good
  8. My Guitar
  9. We Can Do This
  10. Troopers
  11. Pump It Up
  12. Cold Crush
  13. Bronx, The
  14. I Like It
  15. Take It To The Top
  16. My Record is Hot [A Capella]

Type: Music

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