CoryaYo "Ra" Vinyl LP

CoryaYo "Ra" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $18.99

Finally there comes a new CoryaYo instrumental release on wax! Check
these mindful instrumentals between def and depth.

CoryaYo: “This album started as a collection of beats I was making specifically to ride around in my car to. Everything came together in summer 2017 when I created the artwork and came up with the title. To the ancient Egyptians the sun represented light, warmth, and growth and I believe all of those things represent this music as well as my growth as a musician and producer. You can also view this album as a 13 track meditation of music with the warm sunshine influenced vibes. Each track has its own unique energy vibrating on different chakra frequencies and that is what ultimately inspired the artwork. I’ve enjoyed this album a lot over the past year playing it to myself or for close friends and now I hope you all enjoy it as well in both the digital & analog world.”

Track List:

1) Pyramids

2) Da Hot Spitta

3) Air Waves

4) I-94

5) Swerve Potholes

6) Xtra Water

7) Cory's Groove

8) Pineapple Ginger

9) Delicate

10) Wireless

11) You Should

12) Sky High

13) Tropical

Type: Music

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