Dabeull "Indastudio" Vinyl LP

Dabeull "Indastudio" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $28.99

Compilation of 12 tracks from his very own videos published on his
YouTube channel where he used to jam and improvise newfunk tracks,
thanks to his analogue gear and his famous talk-box. He resurrects the
codes of disco and funk with a contemporary and electronic flavor. For
the first time in vinyl, with lenticular printed sleeve.

Track List:

1) Intro
2) Time For Love
3) Only U
4) I Can Break Your Heart ft. Holybrune
5) Special To Me
6) Interlude
7) Chocolate Vibe
8) Tonight
9) Everybody
10) DX7 ft. Holybrune
11) Be Myself
12) Des Bisous

Type: Music

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