Daedelus "Bakers Dozen: Daedulus" Vinyl LP + Flexidisc 7 Inch

Daedelus "Bakers Dozen: Daedulus" Vinyl LP + Flexidisc 7 Inch

Vinyl LP - $8.99
  • Vinly LP + Flexidisc 7 Inch

The Baker's Dozen series kicks off in 2017 with its fifth volume. Baker's Dozen, an exclusive vinyl series that shines a light on the best minds of instrumental hip-hop, ambient, and electronic music offers each artist carte blanche to capture their signature sound. This edition features Los Angeles based producer Daedelus.

Every volume features one artist and twelve tracks, and comes equipped with a 5x7 postcard insert that features a photo of the artist's workspace along with the equipment used in their music-making process as well as a personal narrative of how they got into beat making in the first place. Visually cohesive and packaged with the utmost attention to detail, Baker's Dozen is a series that speaks up for artists whose craft renders voices superfluous, whose instrumentals alone suffice to make a statement.

"...Of course that's my intention here. A collection of beat inventions from my now about 16 years of plumbing into crates, purchasing pawnshop drum machines, and even crafting noise makers of my own." - Daedelus

Track List:

1) Baker's Theme

2) Lazy Sunshine

3) Green Frosting

4) Know What You'd Like?

5) Old Fashioned

6) Maple Bacon

7) Blue Sprinkles

8) Tutting

9) Oops!

10) Candy Corn

11) Early Hours

12) Slow Riser

13) Tear It Down

Type: Music

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