Damu The Fudgemunk "Full Time" (2XLP w/ Bonus 45)
Damu The Fudgemunk "Full Time" (2XLP w/ Bonus 45)
Damu The Fudgemunk "Full Time" (2XLP w/ Bonus 45)

Damu The Fudgemunk "Full Time" (2XLP w/ Bonus 45)

2X Vinyl LP + ... - $29.99

Damu the Fudgemunk's debut solo album “Spare Time" and it's companion EP “Overtime" are finally available in their entirety for the first time on vinyl. These two previously digital-only titles are now packaged together as "Full Time" for the complete listening experience. Both were digitally released in 2008 following up on the demand of Damu's growing fanbase after producing Y Society 2007 classic, "Travel at your Pace." This was pre-bandcamp, pre-spotify and way before our best selling series, How It Should Sound, was ever conceived. Spare Time and Overtime etched Damu the Fudgmunk as one of the most promising beat makers of the 2000's. This was also the beginning of his long standing partnership with Jnota, as they started to grow their fledgling label, Redefinition Records, into what is now a trustworthy brand of quality hip hop music. Damu's most successful releases, H.I.S.S. & Supply For Demand, have captured tens of thousands of listeners to date, but the music heard on this double LP is what created the undeniable stock for Damu the Fudgemunk in today's vinyl marketplace. In 2013, an updated yet consolidated version known as "Spare Overtime Re-Inspired" was released as a single 12 LP, but in order to make that possible, Damu and Redef had to make some executive edits to final product due to time constraints, so a handful of tracks were left off, including some fan favorites. "Full Time" preserves what was cut, and then some. Songs like Coffee Table and Randi among others are finally pressed on wax. All the tracks were mastered from their original recordings, most of which are a decade old. Time is of the essence and it's significance is obvious in Damu's career. This time, there's no question that the glass is not half, but completely full, proving that company motto, "Quality Over Quantity" is the best use of his work schedule.


1. Last One
2. Ego Troopin'
3. Colorful Storms
4. Pulse

5. L.B.
6. Leo the... Pt. 2
7. To RBI
8. Now Generation

9. 2004 Beat Original
10. Randi
11. Leo the... Pt. 1
12. Coffee Table

13. Overtime OG 2008 EP Intro w Cuts
14. Puttin' in Work feat Bill Lumbergh
15. Work in Progress Remix Instro
16. Summer 2004
17. Overtime OG 2008 EP, Instro (BONUS)

Bonus 45
Kev Brown - Work In Progress Remix
Panacea (Vocals by Raw Poetic) - Pulse Remix

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