Danny Brown "Hot Soup"

Danny Brown "Hot Soup"

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2X LP + 7" - $24.99

House Shoes is proud to present the first-ever physical release of Danny Brown’s Hot Soup, his debut album released in 2009 prior to the release of The Hybrid. CD comes with never-before-released instrumentals.

Featuring Rapper Big Pooh and production by Quelle Chris, Nick Speed, and Danny Brown himself, Hot Soup immediately propelled Danny Brown into hip-hop’s national consciousness and solidifed him as one of Detroit’s most electrifying live performers.

With his most recent Fool’s Gold album carrying Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” status, fans are hungry for a deeper look into the mind of one modern hip-hop’s most charismatic and controversial artists.


Track Listing:

1. Level One

2. Dance

3. What Up Doe

4. Ten G’s A Week

5. Sittin’ So High

6. Swagger to the Max

7. Succeed (feat. Kineses)

8. She Love It (feat. Nick Speed & Lola Damone)

9. Head

10. Squeeze Precisely (feat. Rap- per Big Pooh & O-Dash)

11. Rese-Vor Dogs (feat. Mike Luke & Chip$)

12. Gun In Yo Mouf (feat. Chip$ & Mary Won)

13. Let’s Go

14. Two Steps Back

15. Work Song

16. Streets of Detroit

17. Numbers

18. Watch ‘Em

19. Hot Soup Commercial

20. Hot Soup Interview (feat. K-Fresh)


Side A. Contra

Side B. Radiohead

Type: Music

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