Danny Watts "Black Boy Meets World" Vinyl LP

Danny Watts "Black Boy Meets World" Vinyl LP

Vinyl - $19.99
  • Entirely Produced by Jonwayne
  • Features Ray Wright of Warm Brew, DIBIA$E, Juan Alderete de la Pena & More

Last fall, Danny Watts released his debut album Black Boy Meets World on Jonwayne's imprint Authors Recording Company. Beats were supplied in full by Jonwayne, creating the environments that mesh to Danny Watts introspective lyricism and soulful cadences on the mic. The Houston based rapper has created a body of work that details his life experiences with an honest and uncompromising lens, jumping out of the Authors Recording Company gates as the first release after the critically acclaimed Rap Album Two.

Danny Watts and Jonwayne recently captured Black Boy Meets World in the span of only a week, recording the 11-track LP at the Los Angeles recording facility Cosmic Zoo. Danny also wrote all of the lyrics to the album in this same window, finishing up to three songs per day as the Cosmic Zoo sessions occurred in an intense yet efficient form. Mixing and mastering was completed by Low End Theory's Daddy Kev and artwork was supplied by Authors' creative director Shane Sakanoi. With executive oversight and production on every track supplied by Jonwayne, guest contributions and features include Ray Wright of Warm Brew, DIBIA$E, Leaving Records' Kiefer, Dr. Octagon collaborator Juan Alderete de la Pena, Zeroh, and many others. The overall effect presents the ethos of hip-hop's many forms, pulled into the weight of classic sounding kicks, snares, hi-hats, basslines, keys, synths, and horns.

The process that brought Danny Watts to this stage of his music career defines his maturation process as a man and the roads that have split out from this path. “This whole album is me telling my story from my perspective," explains Danny Watts. “Everyone goes through their own unique experiences in life that forces them to really understand how the world operates. You either allow yourself to succumb to the pressures of life or just find the strength to make the best of your environment. Writing this album helped me realize how some lessons in life are inescapable. I spent my whole life telling myself that I would never end up like certain people. Thinking that I was better than a lot of people because a part of me felt and thought differently from most of my peers. Then I ended up finding myself in those same situations that I just knew for sure that I wouldn't end up in."

Track List:

1) I Don't Trust Myself
2) Cards With The Devil (ft. Ray Wright)
3) Young & Reckless (ft. Aye Mitch!)
4) Pill
5) Ain't No Problem
6) Things We Have To Do
7) Uprooted
8) A Lullaby For You
9) Back Again
10) Lester's Interlude
11) Black Boy Meets World

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