Danny Brown "XXX" CD

Danny Brown "XXX" CD

CD - $12.99

The first full-length release from Danny since his acclaimed The Hybrid in 2010, XXX is a concept record about hedonism, growing up, and Detroit, taking listeners on a profane and psychedelic journey through the uncensored mind of rap's most electric MC. There's no laundry list of guest appearances or producers-for-hire, keeping the focus squarely on Danny and his rhymes: a triple stack of pop culture references and did-he-really-say-that? provocations atop the heart of a poet.


1. XXX (produced by Frank Dukes)

2. Die Like A Rockstar (produced by Skywlkr)

3. Pac Blood (produced by Brandun Deshay)

4. Radio Song (produced by Brandun Deshay)

5. Lie4 (produced by Skywlkr)

6. I Will (produced by Squadda Bambino)

7. Bruiser Brigade feat. Dopehead (produced by Skywlkr)

8. Detroit187 feat. Chip$ (produced by Nick Speed)

9. Monopoly (produced by Quelle)

10. Blunt After Blunt (produced by Skywlkr)

11. Outer Space (produced by Skywlkr)

12. Adderol Admiral (produced by Paul White)

13. DNA (produced by Frank Dukes)

14. Nosebleeds (produced by DJ HouseShoes)

15. Party All the Time (produced by Brandun Deshay)

16. EWNESW (produced by Quelle)

17. Fields (produced by Paul White)

18. Scrap or Die (produced by Paul White)

19. 30 (produced by Skywlkr)

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