Dark Time Sunshine "Vessel" Vinyl LP

Dark Time Sunshine "Vessel" Vinyl LP

Fieldwerk co-founder Zavala is a producer by title - for no other reason than that's what they're called in hip hop - but is in reality a very skilled composer. Drawing influence from hip hop, pop, jazz, progressive rock and dance Zavala goes far beyond just crafting catchy loops, he synthesizes musical alchemy. Named one of 2010's 10 Awesome New Beat Makers by URB Magazine, solely on the promise of Dark Time Sunshine's Vessel, they summed his style up quite succinctly, "His beats combine the sinister with the melodic and beautiful, culminating in fascinating, psychedelic soundscapes". 

Although it was Onry Ozzborn, of Grayskul fame, that attracted rap heads to the project, it was Zavala's undeniable sense of melody and rhythm that made those heads nod. That's why there was such a huge demand for an instrumental version of Dark Time Sunshine's critically acclaimed album; these tracks stand alone as artfully crafted songs, and without the vocals, you can really appreciate the intricacies and artisanship. In releasing these instrumentals, he's staking his claim as an artist. Letting the world fully appreciate what he meticulously crafted, so that we all can be anticipating his next move. And there's nothing but exciting things to expect from Zavala. 

Zavala The Dark Time Sunshine Vessel Instrumentals is the first co-release with Chicago Beat community flagship Fieldwerk and left-hop forerunner Fake Four, Inc.
Track List:
1) Road Intro
2) Now They Know
3) E.R.
4) Return Of The Agenda
5) Defender
6) View Items
7) Run
8) All Aboard
9) Little Or No Concern
10) Just An Old Flame
11) No Eye Contact

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