Q Bert "Toasted Marshmallow Feet Brayx" Vinyl LP

Q Bert "Toasted Marshmallow Feet Brayx" Vinyl LP

Battle Break LP - $13.99

"Toasted Marshmallow Feet Brayx" was debuted to the world serving as the backbone for the infamous "Invisibl Skratch Piklz vs. the Klamz uv Deth." TMF has been the weapon of choice for countless skratch compositions including Melo-D’s "Check out My Melody" introduction, Rob Swift’s "Making me Itch," and Roll Rho’s "Sucka" routine. Includes several solid skratch sentences, tones, Kung-Fu scenes, and Old School Hip Hop and Electro beats. TMF has tons of adventures beyond the skratch DJ world.

For your enjoyment, alternative spellings of the title can be found on the vinyl jacket, including: "Toasted Marshmello Feet Breaks," "Toasted Marshamallow Feet Brayx," and "Toasted Marshmellow Feet Braxe." Furthermore, the back cover advises us to "balance record on nose + spin" for a "secret message."

No track listing available.

Type: Music

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