Death Grips "The Powers That Be" 2X Vinyl LP

Death Grips "The Powers That Be" 2X Vinyl LP

2X Vinyl LP - $25.99

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Death Grips was formed in late 2010 and consists of vocalist Stefan Burnett and production team Zach Hill & Andy Morin. The live setup consists of Burnett on vocals, Morin on keyboards and Hill on drums. Their track "Guillotine" became Time Out NY's #1 single of 2011.

"The Powers That Be" consists of two separate albums, Niggas on the Moon and Jenny Death. The first album, Niggas on the Moon was released as a free digital download over the summer on Death Grips' website.

Niggas On The Moon (Disc One):

1) Up My Sleeves

2) Billy Not Really

3) Black Quarterback 

4) Say Hey Kid

5) Have A Sad Cum BB

6) Fuck Me Out

7) Voila

8) Big Dipper

Jenny Death (Disc Two):

1) I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States

2) Inanimate Sensation

3) Turned Off

4) Why A Bitch Gotta Lie


6) The Powers That B

7) Beyond Alive

8) Centuries of Damn

9) On GP

10) Death Grip 2.0



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