Def Jef "Just a Poet with Soul" CD

Def Jef "Just a Poet with Soul" CD

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Classic conscious hip hop from Def Jef! Just a Poet with Soul is Def Jef's debut album. This is the deluxe treatment with a second disc sporting 16 bonus tracks, rare 12" versions, instrumentals, non-album cuts, and previously unreleased tracks! The original jewel case has been upgraded to a 6 panel digipak that includes previously unpublished photographs and artwork. The production, mostly by Def Jef, with a couple cuts courtesy of the The Dust Brothers, certainly has that late 80's Delicious Vinyl sound (relentlessly funky). The pairing of the big, party-ready Delicious Vinyl style with knowledge-dropping lyricism, makes for a unique album. Def Jef's MC skills and fast flow are at their finest. Includes "Droppin' Rhymes On Drums," "Givin 'Em Rhythm," "Poet With Soul," "Black To The Future," "Downtown," "Just A Poet" and more. 


Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Droppin' Rhymes On Drums

2. Givin'em Rhythm

3. On The Real Tip

4. Poet With Soul

5. Give It Here

6. Do You Wanna Get Housed

7. Black To The Future

8. Do It Baby

9. God Made Me Funky

10. Downtown

11. Just A Poet


Disc 2

1. Etta Droppin' Science On Drums (feat. Etta James)

2. Drums (feat. Etta James)

3. On The Real Tip

4. Poet With Soul (Extended)

5. Poet With Soul (Edits)

6. Poet With Soul (More Soul Mix)

7. Black To The Future (Extended Remix)

8. Just A Poet (It Feels Mighty Fine)

9. Phunky Az Phuck

10. On The Real Tip (Instrumental)

11. Poet With Soul ("Just" Beats)

12. Give It Here (Instrumental)

13. Black To The Future (Remix Instrumental)

14. God Made Me Funky (Instrumental)

15. Just A Poet (Instrumental)

16. Phunky Az Phuck (Instrumental)


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