deM atlaS "DWNR"
deM atlaS "DWNR"
deM atlaS "DWNR"

deM atlaS "DWNR"

DWNR Standard ... - $9.99
MP3 - $7.99

Includes instant download of MP3 Version

Every CD order of DWNR includes a unique custom hand drawn wallet by deM atlaS himself along with three 1" round buttons and a sticker all packed in a printed zip lock polybag. 

Don't forget to share your cover art on instagram with #DWNRart!


  1. Watabout - Produced by deM atlaS & G Koop 
  2. All We Got - Produced by deM atlaS & Soundsmith 
  3. I Don't Care - Produced by deM atlaS & Zela
  4. Dandelions - Produced by deM atlaS, Soundsmith & DJ Adatrak
  5. Drive North - Produced by DJ Adatrak 
  6. Down In The Low - Produced by Xavier Marquis  
  7. Candy -  Produced by deM atlaS & DJ Adatrak 
  8. Wanna Be A Kid - Produced by deM atlaS & Zela 
  9. Time Of Our Lives - Produced by deM atlaS & Soundsmith 


Type: Music

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