Derobert & The Half Truths "I'm Tryin"

Derobert & The Half Truths "I'm Tryin"

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DeRobert & The Half-Truths' first full length record since 2010's Soul In A Digital World is a beautifully crafted album from beginning to end. Following the path they set with 2011's Beg Me EP, DeRobert & The Half-Truths' "I'm Tryin'" focuses primarily on musical layers as well as the bands signature brand of syncopated soul. Each instrument fits in uniquely within the beat, always remaining tasefully simple and refined. This time around DeRobert's vocals are layered into lush harmonies that prove that the only thing sweeter than Dee Adams' voice is a choir of Dee Adams. Tracks like "I Don't Get Mad No Mo'" and "The Dole Pt. 2" illustrate this perfectly while tracks like "My Momma Told Me" show that Dee can still hold it down without self accompaniment.

The result of almost 2 years in the studio shows a talented combo who are growing up and developing unique approaches to old school soul music created in the modern era. "I'm Tryin'" is a new record with a modern approach to soul vocals while holding a firm grip on the rhythmic groove and melodic aesthetic of the old days. For anyone who is a fan of the new school of raw soul revivalists, don't sleep on this killer record from Derobert & The Half-Truths and G.E.D. Soul Records!



1. "I'm Tryin'" (intro)
2. "My Momma Told Me"
3. "Ooo Wee"
4. "The Dole" (part 2)
5. "Get On It"
6. "The Speech"
7. "Goin' Places"
8. "I Don't Get Mad No Mo'"
9. "Do It Alone"
10. "Please Shine On Me"
11. "Write A Letter"
12. "I'm Tryin'" (outro)

Type: Music

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