Desdamona "No Man's Land" CD
Desdamona "No Man's Land" CD
Desdamona "No Man's Land" CD

Desdamona "No Man's Land" CD

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No Man'sLand is Des' first solo effort since her release of Inkling in 2009. No Man's Land is the culmination of years of writing & is a brilliant offering from the Twin Cities mainstay. The album is full of inspired collaborations with some of the cities' brightest musical luminaries - an all female Mad Max mixed with a modern day Warriors story set in a matriarchal run, Hip Hop utopia. With DJ Blackfish Gold as our guide, we are brought into No Man's Land & introduced to the realities of this parallel universe. The 1st single from NML calls out male MCs who are telling women's stories as Des claims ownership to the title of MC, while also paying respect to pioneers of Hip Hop. The Year of the Cat is a clever collaboration with The Lioness & asserts that 2016 is the Year of Women MCs. The 2nd single, Pretty Much Amazing has a throwback feel, feat. the incomparable Thomasina Petrus & playful back & forth lyrics from Tish Jones. This anthem may sound lighthearted, but carries a strong message that women can recognize & demonstrate their own greatness, while also appreciating it in others -something women are often robbed of. The understated Raincoat shows the vulnerability of the creative spirit & features the calming & reassuring words of Ellis Delaney. Grey City, an homage to Graf Writers leads us into The Heroines, a high inducing ride where BdotCroc & Des are the drugs you can't get enough of. Teacher's Pets leaves the fate of Hip Hop in the hands of young students & Siren Sound, the 3rd single, is a call to action feat. Lydia Liza & Tish Jones. Making Monsters feat. PaviElle tells the story of a sociopath, guilty of her own demise. The final song, Dangerous, shouts out female MCs & dedicates the album to women practitioners of Hip Hop, then DJ Blackfish Gold signs off with an uplifting final word. The concepts through the album are strong & intentional & the collaborations are thought provoking. The song writing is layered and poetic, as you might expect from Des.


1. Goddess Emcee Radio (Intro)
2. It Don't Stop
3. The Come Back
4. Year Of The Cat feat. The Lioness
5. Pretty Much Amazing feat. Tish Jones &ξThomasina Petrus
6. Shots Fired (Interlude)
7. Raincoat feat. Ellis Delaney
8. Grey City
9. The Heroines feat. BdotCroc
10.Teacher's Pets
11.Siren Sound feat. Tish Jones & Lydia Liza
12.Making Monsters feat. PaviElle
14.Signing Off (Outro)

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