Dessa "Castor, The Twin" CD

Dessa "Castor, The Twin" CD

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Dessa's first full-length record, A Badly Broken Code, introduced her to a national audience as a rapper, a singer, and a potent, imaginative lyricist. It earned a binder of superlative reviews from sources like NPR, The Seattle Times, and AM New York. To tour the album, she assembled a small cast of talented instrumentalists: vibraphone, piano, viola, and stand-up bass for a classical, sometimes orchestral sound, a beautiful, somber effect re-interpreting the disc for a dynamic live concert. Part rap show and part cabaret, the elegant presentation charmed both audiences and critics not a negligible feat in hip hop, a genre with its share of purists. Castor, The Twin captures these new arrangements for ten of Dessa's strongest previously released songs.ξ

Track Listing:

  1. 551
  2. Kitesξ
  3. Mineshaftξ
  4. The Chaconneξ
  5. Into The Spinξ
  6. Dixon's Girlξ
  7. The Crowξ
  8. Alibiξ
  9. Palaceξ
  10. Mineshaft 2ξ
  11. The Beekeeper

Type: Music

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