DJ Format "Lungbutters" CD

DJ Format "Lungbutters" CD

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Diggers With Gratitude in collaboration with DJ Format, proudly presents: 'LUNGBUTTERS: AN ECLECTIC JOURNEY THROUGH YOUR F.M. DIAL' After 4 highly acclaimed and sold out vinyl releases, DWG takes its first steps into the digital world with Lungbutters, a 60 minute mix of unadulterated audio pleasure presented in radio show format and hosted by Sureshot La Rock with DJ Format on the wheels of steel. Listen hard as you're brought through an eclectic blend of audio goodness featuring cuts ranging from the obscure and slept on to the much more easily obtained but equally dope, with more than the odd smattering of unreleased gems, guest appearances and certified groin melters thrown in for good measure. All beautifully presented in a high quality 6 panel digipack.

Track Listing:

Mix CD:

  1. DJ Format - 'Lungbutters: An Eclectic Journey Through Your FM Dial'ξ
  2. Sureshot La Rock - 'A Word From Our Sponsor (Intro)'ξ
  3. Lord King Domino - 'Avenger Of Death'ξ
  4. Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo - 'I Declare War' (Produced By: Marley Marl)ξ
  5. Unique - 'War Rap'ξ
  6. K-Cut - 'Shout Out'ξ
  7. Main Source - 'Bootlegging'ξ
  8. Lonnie O - 'Mr. Dynamite'ξ
  9. Special Ed - 'Taxing' (Produced By: Howie Tee)ξ
  10. E.S.P. - 'Get Up And Get Widit' (Produced By: Howie Tee)ξ
  11. Cool V - 'Shout Out'ξ
  12. She-Rockers Crew, The - 'First Impressions'ξ
  13. Captain G. Whiz - 'It's Hyped' (Produced By: Ced Gee)ξ
  14. DJ Koco - 'Shout Out'ξ
  15. Super Kids -Stunt Of The Block' (Produced By: Marley Marl)ξ
  16. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - 'I'm Back'ξ
  17. Balli & Fat Daddy - 'Master Plan' (Produced By: Mike Fresh)ξ
  18. MC Shy D - 'Down With Me'ξ
  19. Grand G - 'Shout Out'ξ
  20. Mr. Tuxedo & King Stro - 'King Stro'ξ
  21. Phd - 'Without Warning' (Produced By: Hot Day)ξ
  22. UBC, The - 'Take It To The Top (Needle Drop)'
  23. Godfather Don - 'Billy Bathgate'ξ
  24. Unique - 'Shout Out'ξ
  25. Unique - 'Crushin' The Weak (D.W.G. Mix)'
  26. Disco Beave - 'From The Projects'ξ
  27. Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo - 'Enter The Dragon' (Produced By: Marley Marl)ξ
  28. J.D. Ranks - 'Make It Funky'ξ
  29. Phill Most Chill - 'Live In The Studio' (Produced By: Phill Most Chill)ξ
  30. MC Rajah - 'Keep On Writing'ξ
  31. Fifth Platoon - 'Hallelujah, The Fifth Is Here'
  32. Kool Slic - 'Words Of Justice'ξ
  33. KGB - 'Letters Of Three'

Type: Music

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