Dimlite "Grimm Reality" CD

Dimlite "Grimm Reality" CD

CD - $12.60

Now-Again Records is proud to present the third full length from the electronic visionary known as Dimlite. The precedents that spring to mind are all cherished outsiders - Neu, The Residents, Beefheart, Phillip Glass - to say the least.

Track Listing:

  1. You Very Rich Believer 
  2. Pour Some Blood, We Got This 
  3. Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur 
  4. Healing A Random Tyrant 
  5. New Better Pain 
  6. Yes, Welcome 
  7. XY 
  8. Through The Grimms/Stars Down 
  9. Than Them 
  10. Fridge Note 
  11. One Of Uh Infinity's Countless Uh Tiny Cycles 
  12. Heroine Roof

Type: Music

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