DJ DSK "Metric Breaks" 7 Inch Vinyl (Breaks)

DJ DSK "Metric Breaks" 7 Inch Vinyl (Breaks)

7 Inch Vinyl - $14.99

DJ DSK has put together a great little scratch tool for the 45 scratch DJs and portable turntablists which includes 4 skipless scratches at 100bpm, 5 skipless scratches at 83bpm and 2 scratch sentences at 100bpm – Kut it up fresh!

Track List:

1) Intro
2) Beatbox & Drums 100bpm
3) Cuts To The Break Of Dawn, Dope, Fresh 100bpm
4) Oh My God, Bite It, Ohhh 100bpm
5) Psychopath On The Phonograph, Ahhh 100bpm
6) Scratch Sentence 1 100bpm
7) Ahhh Fresh Beep 83bpm
8) Sssh, Come Bad Bwoy, Shhh 83bpm
9) Stab, Rock, Rock, Get Busy, Run It 83bpm
10) Get Back, Clap, Hit Me 83bpm
11) I’m Funky Fresh, Cut, Ahhh 83bpm
12) Scratch Sentence 2 100bpm

Type: DJ Tool

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