DJ Quik "Quik Is The Name" CD

DJ Quik "Quik Is The Name" CD

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The release of DJ Quik's debut album, Quik Is the Name, in 1991 begged the question: does rap really need yet another gangsta rapper? Indeed, by that time, rap had become saturated with numerous soundalike gangsta rappers -- most of whom weren't even a fraction as interesting as such pioneers of the style as Ice-T, N.W.A, and Schoolly D. Nonetheless, rapper/producer Quik turned out to be more noteworthy than most of the gangsta rappers who debuted that year. Lyrically, the former gang member (who grew up in the same L.A. ghetto as N.W.A, Compton) doesn't provide any major insights. His sex/malt liquor/gang-banging imagery was hardly groundbreaking in 1991. But his hooks, beats, and grooves (many of which owe a debt to '70s soul and funk) are likeable enough.

Track Listing:

1. Sweet Black Pussy

2. Tonite

3. Born And Raised In Compton

4. Deep

5. Tha Bombudd

6. Dedication

7. Quik Is The Name

8. Loked Out Hood

9. 8 Ball

10. Quik's Groove

11. Tear It Off

12. I Got That Feelin'

13. Skanless

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