DJ Quik "Way 2 Fonky" CD

DJ Quik "Way 2 Fonky" CD

CD - $10.99

DJ Quik proved his mettle with "Jus Lyke Compton," a definitive bit of regional touting that proclaimed West Coast rap the style-setter and all others followers. Whether or not you bought the line, you were hooked by the rap. Nothing else on the disc matched this single's intensity and wit, but it helped him earn a second straight gold LP.

Track Listing:

1. America'Z Most Complete Artist
2. Mo' Pussy
3. Way 2 Fonky
4. Jus Lyke Compton
5. Quik'Z Groove II (for U 2 Rip 2)
6. Me Wanna Rip Your Girl
7. When You'Re a Gee
8. No Bullshit
9. Only Fo' Tha Money
10. Let Me Rip Tonite
11. Niggaz Still Trippin'
12. Tha Last Word

Type: Music

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