V/A "Spinna vs. P&P Records" 2X Vinyl LP [Limited Color Vinyl]

V/A "Spinna vs. P&P Records" 2X Vinyl LP [Limited Color Vinyl]

2X Vinyl LP - $20.99

Peter Brown and Patrick Adams: two names as likely to create frenzy on the dance floor as an eBay auction are the P s of P&P Records. The P&P story started in the mid-sixties with Peter Brown leaving his rural home in Georgia for the hustle and bustle of Harlem NYC. It was not long before Peter met up with Patrick and their historic run onto the charts and dance floors began. Together Peter and Patrick put out a seemingly endless string of records on imprints such as P&P Records, Queen Constance, Golden Flamingo, Heavenly Star, Sound of New York, Hit Makers, PAP, Sound of the Universe etc. etc. etc. Now world renowned club DJ Spinna and Five Day Weekend have united and combined resources to present some of the rarest and most sought after Disco and Modern Soul the world has to offer on Spinna vs. P&P Records . On this insane mix Spinna has mixed the most choice aural gems from the vast P&P catalog into 79 minutes of sonic bliss. These cuts sound fresher than ever at the hands of a DJ Spinna. Taking bits and pieces from the many genres offered under P&P s vast umbrella of music he makes the mix flow with a continuity that could only be provided by a DJ/ producer who understands the very soul of New York City.

Track Listing:

  1. CLOUD ONE - Dust to Dust
  2. LOUISE MURRAY - Did You Notice
  3. GOLDEN FLAMINGO ORCHESTRA Feat. MARGO WILLIAMS - The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
  4. HIGH FIDELITY - From Us To You
  5. CLOUD ONE - Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By
  6. DARROW & STEREO Stereo Funk
  7. HIGH VOLTAGE Hogh Volatage
  9. MICHAEL CAMPBELL & HIGH VOLTAGE We Are Making Music (Part 1)
  10. PUCK ROCK We Are Making Music

Type: Music

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