Doomtree "No Kings" CD

Doomtree "No Kings" CD

CD - $12.99

Doomtree has a well-earned reputation for aggressive, innovative production that spans genre and eraborrowing from punk, classical, obscure rock, experimental, and foreign styles. Even for Doomtree, this new project is bold. If No Kings were a movie, it would be a cross between The Lost Boys and Tron. Or maybe a Quentin Tarantino take of Lean on Me: youth and innocence with a surreal and futuristic, pulp twist. Lyrically, the record rejects the youth culture of fashion magazines, and replaces it with stories and images that might be better set at an anarchists summer camp: escapades in subversion and free thinking. Contagious synth lines spike and dive, layers of percussion create a constant forward motion, infectious melodies loop on horns and distorted guitars, sub-bass hits your chest, then your gut, then the residents of the apartment below you.

Track Listing:

  1. No Way
  2. Bolt Cutter
  3. Bangarang
  4. Beacon
  5. Punch-Out
  6. Little Mercy
  7. The Grand Experiment
  8. String Theory
  9. Team The Best Team
  10. Gimme The Go
  11. Own Yours
  12. Fresh New Trash

Type: Music

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