Doze Green & David Ellis "Shaft" Book

Doze Green & David Ellis "Shaft" Book

Paperback Book - $9.99
64 pages, Paperback, 9 3/4'' x 6 1/2'' (248 x 165 mm) 50 color illustrations, English 

Two of the most influential graffiti turned fine artists active today, New York City residents Doze Green and David Ellis fuse the true meaning of hip-hop with contemporary art styles to create a hybrid of visual sounds that are truly unique and original. In their collaborative book and project, Shaft, each artist takes their trademark styles and characters and interconnects both elements on a site-specific project upon an elevator shaft. The results epitomize the roots of hip-hop and both artists reflect the 21st century urban landscape.The 62-page book comes with a pull-out poster that captures the entirety of the shaft project.

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