Dr Octagon [Kool Keith+Dan The Automator+Q Bert] "Dr Octagonecologyst"

Dr Octagon [Kool Keith+Dan The Automator+Q Bert] "Dr Octagonecologyst"

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The solo album/side project from former Ultramagnetic MCs' lyrical madman, Kool Keith, that gave a large boost to his solo career and further proved his ability to master various styles and continue to push the limits of lyrical insanity. Also, responsible for helping the greater world become aware of the melodic musical experiments of Dan The Automator, who went on to provide his production talents to a handful of adored projects, such as Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and more. Add all that with the turntable mastery of DJ Q Bert and you have a must hear album on your hands. That is the legend of Dr Octagon, are you ready for your audio surgery?

Track List:

1) Intro

2) 3000

3) I Got To Tell You

4) Earth People

5) No Awareness

6) Real Raw

7) General Hospital

8) Blue Flowers

9) Technical Difficulties

10) A Visit to the Gynecoloyst

11) Bear Witness

12) Dr. Octagon

13) Girl Let Me Touch You

14) I'm Destructive

15) Wild and Crazy

16) Effective Surgery

17) Halfsharkalligatorhalfman

18) Blue Flowers Revisited

19) Waiting List (DJ Shadow/Automator Mix)

20) 1977

Type: Music

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