EL-P "Collecting the Kid" CD [Limited Edition]

EL-P "Collecting the Kid" CD [Limited Edition]

CD - $15.99

A limited release collection of instrumentals, remixes, b-sides, and special projects from the Def Jux impresario El-P previously only available in Europe!

Enhanced CD includes the trailer for the full length feature "Bomb the System".


Track Listing:

1. Dream Theme 

2. Junkie Skate Rock  

3. Leaving This Place 

4. Feel Like A Ghost 

5. Intrigue In The House Of India 

6. Telemundo (Bombing Theme) 

7. Slow Sex 

8. Constellation Remix 

9. The Dance 

10. The Day After Yesterday 

11. Oxycontin 

Type: Music

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