Elaquent "Baker's Dozen: Elaquent" Vinyl LP

Elaquent "Baker's Dozen: Elaquent" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $17.99

Baker’s Dozen is an exclusive series that shines a light on the best minds of instrumental hip-hop, ambient, and electronic music. Each installment gives one artist carte blanche to capture their signature sound.

Every volume’s limited vinyl pressing features one artist and twelve
tracks, and packaged with the utmost attention to detail- Baker’s Dozen is a series that speaks up for artists whose craft renders voices superfluous, whose instrumentals alone suffice to make a statement.

Volume nine highlights the Guelph, Ontario producer Elaquent, who
breaks down his creative process below:

“Since the beginning, my philosophy has always been that perfection
is boring, so despite all the changes that have occurred with my
equipment and system, that main philosophy remains the same.
In the beginning it was all about flipping samples with FL Studio and
just my computer keyboard, and over the years, I added the MPD
and Masterkey in order to be able to jam out drums live and play
keys, which speeds up the workflow. I like the effects on the 404,
and there’s a lot of dope ways to integrate my iPad into it, but at the
end of the day, it starts with a melody or sample, and I kinda just let
the vibe take over.” -ELAQUENT

Track List:

1) Flight Delay
2) Sunday
3) TV Dinner
4) Aim High
5) Gotta Put Me On
6) The Distance
7) Brotherly Love
8) Columns
9) Hard Times
10) Goodnight
11) That One Time
12) Howdy

Type: Music

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