Elaquent "Worst Case Scenario" (Grey Vinyl LP)
Elaquent "Worst Case Scenario" (Grey Vinyl LP)
Elaquent "Worst Case Scenario" (Grey Vinyl LP)
Elaquent "Worst Case Scenario" (Grey Vinyl LP)

Elaquent "Worst Case Scenario" (Grey Vinyl LP)

Vinyl - $21.99

Growth is about adaptation, existing in transit, and nourishing flux. It gives us a reason to move on to our next project, challenges us, and feeds our creative hunger.

Sona Elango, as the multi-talented Elaquent, captures a catalogue of experiences and feelings that span time zones from over the better part of 2016. Elaquent has created a reflective sound weaving themes of travel and personal growth into the core of his music. Worst Case Scenario is a record with roots in Europe and Japan, inspired by moments of reflection in hostels, airports, and trains. It boasts ElaquentŠ—Ès growth not only as a beat maker and producer, but as an artist, conscious of peers, music lovers, and strangers alike. He explains how Š—“I wanted it to feel personal and conducive to who I am, but IŠ—Èll let everyone deduce what they want about each song. ItŠ—Ès open to interpretation.Š—? Elaquent demonstrates that relative themes have a power that is bigger than ourselves. He manages to hit the bittersweet mark of self-reflection perfectly, reminding us that sometimes the most daunting and intimidating reflections, can secretly be moments of peace and reassurance.

Š—“...going on 30, no longer feeling like youŠ—Ère invincible, everyone is getting married and living a completely different kind of life. I donŠ—Èt want to get old, wondering whether I did everything in life that I wanted to do. This album, Worst Case Scenario, itŠ—Ès the idea that if all else fails, IŠ—Èll know that at least I was able to do all these amazing things in my lifeŠ—?.

Worst Case Scenario is ultimately a public chapter in ElaquentŠ—Ès life, embodying an unhurried yet vibrant form of personal storytelling. Š—“ItŠ—Ès a soulful and colourful recordŠ—? he says. Š—“I was in a different mindset; it was a challenge to myself. I wanted to expand on previous concepts, and make a record that is about doing things not just to do them, but because it makes senseŠ—?. Unabashedly human, and eager to make it count, Elaquent is a reminder to us all that weŠ—Ère here for a good time, not a long time.


  1. Nollieflipξ
  2. Gyozaξ
  3. Shibuya (feat. Budamonk)ξ
  4. Spur of the Momentξ
  5. Maharaja (feat. a l l i e)ξ
  6. Perchance to Dreamξ
  7. ThisCouldBeUsButξ
  8. Caviar (feat. Octavio Santos & Goyama)ξ
  9. Cookies and Creamξ
  10. Sweet Dreamsξ
  11. Last Breath (feat. Iman Omari)ξ
  12. Come to Me

Type: Music

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