Eligh "Gandolf's Beat Machine Level 1" CD

Eligh "Gandolf's Beat Machine Level 1" CD

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Eligh is best known for his rapping and producing abilities that gained wide notoriety and praise in the 90 s through underground rap groups such as 3 Melancholy Gypsies (3MG), Living Legends, and his collaborations with The Grouch G&E. But his beat production is what made him a standout in the star heavy Living Legends and he quickly rose to the top of the ranks. Eligh began producing unique, funky, cruisey, and melodic beats under the alias Gandalf, which ultimately led to his Gandalfs Beat Machine series of albums. If you have never heard any of the Gandalfs Beat Machine albums do yourself a favor and give them a listen. They are very distinct instrumentals that range from tranquil, to bass heavy, to meditative, to dreamy, and beyond.


  1. The Crow
  2. I Know Gandalf
  3. It's Simple
  4. Melancholiest
  5. Legendary Slump
  6. A Plethra
  7. Tundra Dome
  8. My House
  9. Traveler
  10. Sandstone
  11. Gandalf's Staff
  12. It's Not What I do
  13. Jungles Of City
  14. I Can See Threw You
  15. Idea Man
  16. Genaratino X Files

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