Eliot Lipp "Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake" (Vinyl LP)

Eliot Lipp "Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl - $21.99

Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake" is the 2012 album from veteran producer and sound designer Eliot Lipp, originally released on Pretty Lights Music.

This seminal project in Lipp's catalog effortlessly moves between hip-hop, drum & bass, funk, techno and jazz.

The 12" LP is reissued for a limited time by Detroit label Young Heavy Souls.


  1. Alive
  2. Mountain
  3. The Sunset
  4. The Shark
  5. Sneakin' (Baby Pt. 1)
  6. Fly Away (Baby Pt. 2)
  7. The Wolf
  8. Gettin' Money
  9. The Time Is Right
  10. The Rabbit
  11. On N' On
  12. Tonight
  13. The Snake
  14. The Chase

Type: Music

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